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Product Description

Doctors Looking at HemaGlobalHemaGlobal is the successful outcome of working closely with physicians, universities and non-government agencies to develop a fail-safe EMR/EHR patient registry solution tailored specifically to the high variability and exacting demands of bleeding and clotting disorders.

HemaGlobal is a full-purpose solution that serves as a stable, scalable platform for integrating data from multiple sources, such as from pharmacies, laboratories, clinics and record archives, and in every format, including popular front-office applications and mainframe applications with HL-7 interface connectivity.

With HemaGlobal, you own your data, and your data is secure.

The HemaGlobal EMR/EHR patient registry system covers the entire spectrum of bleeding and clotting disorders, including von Willebrand disease, congential afibrinogenemia, Glanzmann's thrombasthenia, Bernard-Soulier syndrome, Hemophilia and other factor deficiencies.

HemaGlobal makes it easy for Hemophilia Treatment Centers to organize and manage patient information in detail. It establishes a secure and timely data exchange that enables physicians to eliminate traditional IT and procedural bottlenecks as they share patient information with multi-disciplinary team members. The HemaGlobal user interface is intuitive and requires little more than basic computing skills.

Historically, we have found industry to be supportive of efforts to modernize global EMR/EHR patient registry systems.


HemaGlobal EMR/EHR patient registry software condenses large volumes of data, enabling physicians to analyze multiple patient profiles, treatments and lab results. Its data-mining capabilities have helped researchers accelerate and automate outcomes studies by allowing for any number of "what if" scenarios involving multiple variations of indicators, therapies and demographics.


HemaGlobal EMR/EHR patient registry software can be integrated with any existing network system and methodology. GZS can also help expedite the conversion of all legacy patient records into the HemaGlobal system.

The HemaGlobal solution provides a superior return on investment by reducing costs and liabilities that result from inefficient data management. HemaGlobal is an ultra-secure web-based solution, or it can be used exclusively on your own intranet.